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People with Secrets
The Kauai Conspiracy

Future projects

Book no.2
Book no.1
Copyright EKWilson 2018
3 Short Mystery Stories

Have you met Lisa Bendsen, who loves adventure and Gundersen, an elusive businessman with dubious connections?
This collection of 3 short stories recounts the adventures of Lisa Bendsen and the criminal heists of the mysterious Gundersen. From an unsolved murder in New York, to old ideals in Rome and modern greed in Berlin, these thriller mysteries will take you on a journey of intrigue, deceit and danger through American airports, Danish churches and the streets of Europe. The stories feature engaging characters and a multi-layered plot, all part of an overarching storyline, which will continue in November 2018 and conclude in 2019.


cover AUGUST 2018 2020.jpg
People with Secrets

An unsolved murder. A mysterious priest with an unholy secret. A web of lies from New York to Copenhagen.

Lisa Bendsen, a young nurse with a nose for mystery, is on vacation in New York, when she encounters a handsome priest with a well kept secret. Trouble follows her home to Denmark, where she meets a mysterious monk with a secret agenda. What is the monk up to on the streets of Copenhagen? And what does he know about the murder of an old man in New York?

As Lisa Bendsen delves deeper in to the mystery, she is caught in the right place at the wrong time, and dangerous events unfold as certain people go to great lengths to keep their secrets hidden. It may end up costing even more lives.

The Kauai Conspiracy

Deception is the name of the game in this thriller that will keep you guessing with unexpected twists and mysterious characters, each with their own secrets
Gundersen is man with a plan and a cunning operator, when it comes to criminal ventures.
When a friend is arrested, Gundersen moves to take control of the friend's lucrative smuggling routes. Gundersen invites a group of four associates to a secret meeting on Kauai, in order to settle the business of taking over the smuggling operation. But each member of the group brings their own agenda to the exotic venue, and Gundersen must fight dirty to get what he wants. Gundersen's own secret plans for the future will set in motion events that may have deadly consequences for the group - and others watching on the side line.

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