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New Book Out Now: Murder on a Sunday Morning

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Available soon at Amazon

A murdered man with a list of names in his hands. A new idea sees the light of day in Rome. It could change the world. Or kill the innocent.

Lisa Bendsen discovers the body of a young man one quiet morning. Though she is far from home, she becomes involved in the murder mystery, when she discovers a link to a person from her past, whom she is eager to find. The police are not interested in answering her questions, so Lisa Bendsen decides to investigate on her own. She discovers that a new idea is emerging from Rome, weaving its way through Berlin and costing lives in Copenhagen. With a small group of allies, Lisa Bendsen finds digital clues of a far reaching plan for a new world order. She is now in possession of dangerous knowledge. Knowledge is power. Some people will kill for it.

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