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Short story 1
img_4_2_hd MARKED AND ONE for real this
Gone for Good

"She should have left you a note".

"I think, her empty cupboard is the note"

Image and text © E.K. Wilson

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"Once a month he took his coffee outside and let his mind wonder to a world untouched by strife, where emotions went unchecked. For a few moments each month, he saw himself as a warrior, unconquered and unruled. It transformed him. No one knew, and no one ever looked for a hidden world within him. Which was why he always discarded it, together with the empty coffee cup as soon as his break was over"

Image and text © E.K. Wilson

DSC_0067 (2)e.jpg

Was it really true, that some people are like an open book for for friends and strangers to read at their leisure, and discard when they are bored? 

Could everyone see the longing that dwelt unanswered inside her fears. She had worn her green silk blouse to the fateful meeting, fully aware that the flimsy garment could never disguise what her eyes would reveal on their own.

Image and text © E.K. Wilson

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