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Who's Who in the stories about Danish nurse, Lisa Bendsen, who loves mystery - and the mysterious Gundersen, a cunning criminal operator

Lisa Bendsen


Lisa Bendsen is 26 years old at the start of the series. She is a red haired critical care nurse at Dagmar Hospital in Copenhagen in Denmark - and both a villain and one of the good guys have called her beautiful. In 'People with Secrets' she is drawn in to the hunt for a dangerous gang and shows quick wit and courage in a dangerous situation. She also meets her future boyfriend, Police Detective Rasmus Storm of the Copenhagen Police, who has long had his police eyes on Gundersen...

Lisa has a love of mystery, that will lead her to investigate, when clues seem elusive.

Rasmus Storm

A police detective and Lisa Bendsen's boyfriend, he is determined to catch Gundersen one day. 

Oscar and Nina

Brother and closest friend, respectively, of Lisa Bendsen, these two are strong allies whenever Lisa Bendsen heads in to a mystery, that must be solved


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Gundersen is an elusive man, officially known as a successful businessman with connections to the higher echelons of Copenhagen society. Privately, he is the leader of a criminal organisation with ties all over Europe and has made millions in criminal ventures. Gundersen has never been caught or arrested, making him feel safe as he travels freely around the world. Gundersen's first name is revealed in 'Murder on a Sunday Morning' - but he still has many secrets. Described as well-dressed and looking ten years younger than his 47 years, he prides himself on being the perfect host. He is a man, who withholds his thoughts even from his closest confidantes.

The Kauai Conspirators

A group of 5 very different people, including Gundersen, who meet once every six months to discuss their mutual criminal ventures. Though Gundersen is the leader, he finds himself challenged and plays dirty to get his way in his dealings with:

Omaha, a mysterious West Coast American.

Carter, a man with a past he does his best to hide, who has connections to mercenaries in Europe.

Alisa, Gundersen's confidante, an aristocrat, who murders for protection and sells new identities to those who can pay.

KC, a woman with considerable financial means at her disposal and a reputation for being cool, patient and cold-blooded.

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